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Welcome To Vichy Springs


Vichy Springs Resort, established in 1854, is a unique 160-year old historic hot springs resort only two hours north of downtown San Francisco.

Vichy Springs is the best of two worlds, a country inn and hot springs resort. Vichy Springs offers the only naturally warm and carbonated “Vichy” mineral baths in North America. Vichy Springs offers rooms and cottages for overnight stays. Included in room rates are full use of the naturally warm and carbonated “Vichy” mineral baths, hot soaking pool, Olympic size swimming pool (in season) and 700 private acres for walking and hiking.

No Pets allowed.

Come and experience a true carbonated “Vichy” mineral bath and a walk on the beautiful 700 acre private reserve . You will “feel a million miles from your cares, and your heart will sing a new song.” (Timeless quote, from a 1914 resort brochure)


Vichy Springs Resort | Ukiah, CA

Mountain View

The Mountain View rooms in their original historic configuration, built circa 1866-1870, are an example of classic country inn atmosphere with contemporary comfort. The Mountain View rooms are available with one queen bed and a single room is available with two twin beds. Situated just a few minutes’ walk from the famous “champagne” mineral baths, the Mountain View rooms also boast a common patio for relaxing on balmy evenings.

creekside and Vichy Springs Resort | Ukiah, CA

Creek Side Building

Vichy Springs Resort’s Creek Side rooms were built circa 1866-1870 as the resort restaurant. The building today is five contemporary remodeled rooms. The Creek Side rooms are forty percent larger than their Mountain View companions and ideally situated along Little Grizzly Creek. At night guests relax with the gentle bubbling of the creek as they fall into a deep refreshing sleep. Just moments from the Olympic size swimming pool and mineral baths.

Vichy Springs Resort | Ukiah, CA

Applewood Suite

The Applewood Suite, built in 1852, offers two queen size beds, one queen sofa bed in the sitting area, private bathroom with shower and individual heat and air conditioning. Perfect for a family or ladies’ night out.

The one room suite is warm and welcoming and only a few minutes’ walk to our famous “champagne” baths. The private patio allows one to enjoy the evenings with friends and family. Ideal for fostering many happy memories.

Vichy Springs Resort | Ukiah, CA


Vichy Springs Resort’s eight cottages provide a quiet, spacious and comfortable place for your relaxation. The cottages are available with one or two bedrooms.

  • Historical Cottages
  • The Blue Cottage
  • The White Cottage
  • One Bedroom Cottages
  • Two Bedroom Cottages

Our Property

Vichy Springs Resort | Ukiah, CA


Vichy Springs Resort offers vast private acreage to enjoy the beauty of nature. Vichy Springs has over 700 acres of pristine hiking trails for your enjoyment. As you wander the property you will be treated to nature at its loveliest including a year round stream and waterfall, glimpses of animal life found in Northern California and, in spring.

Vichy Springs Resort | Ukiah, CA


The Vichy Baths date to the times of The Roman conquest of what is now France when Julius Caesar discovered “Vichy” water or literally “hot cross” meaning warm water crossing their path. The story relates that Caesar’s horses, depleted of minerals from the hard pace they had kept, drank the water and became immediately stronger.

Vichy Springs Resort | Ukiah, CA


The “Vichy” Baths are 90°F (32°C) naturally carbonated mineral baths. The water flows from 30,000 feet below the surface into the adjacent spring source and directly into 154-year old tubs. Fourteen individual tubs are available for your enjoyment, 4 outside and 10 inside. The healing powers of the “Vichy” Baths are not to be underestimated.

History of Vichy Springs Resort

The history of Vichy Springs Resort spans from the pre-written history of the local Pomo Native Americans (over 5,000 years ago) to the present day spa operations. The actual springs are estimated to be well over five million years old. Extensive travertine and ancient travertine onyx deposits are indicators of the various springs’ ages. The Pomos used the springs during their sole residency in the Yokayo Valley. They used the waters, according to personal verbal revelation to Gilbert Ashoff from Edna Guerrero and Elsie Allen both aged elders in 1978, for gout, arthritis, rheumatism, poison oak, burns, cuts, psoriasis and eczema.

During the early 1800’s the entire Ukiah Valley (an Anglicization of “Yokayo” which means “deep valley” in the local Pomo dialect) was granted by Mexico (California was then part of Mexico) to Cayetano Juarez. Senor Juarez owned extensive holdings elsewhere and never developed much in Ukiah. Credit for discovering the spring is given to Frank Marble the first “caucasian” to arrive in the Ukiah Valley in 1849, the year of the big rush of gold seekers to California. Squatters followed and by 1852 William Day had established his residence and had completed at least three cottages at “Day’s Soda Springs” in Ukiah. These three cottages still stand and are in use at the resort to this day.

Things To Explore While Visiting Vichy Springs

winery img and Vichy Springs Resort | Ukiah, CA

Wineries & Breweries

boats img and Vichy Springs Resort | Ukiah, CA

Outdoor Adventure

golf img and Vichy Springs Resort | Ukiah, CA


Call 707-462-9515 to book your stay. Vichy Springs is open for hotel stays and day use. We look forward to welcoming you.